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Archive for the month November 2015

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The web is not any longer free in Russia?

The web is not any longer free in Russia — that is according to a report recently released by Freedom House, Freedom Net. The threats have raised since 2014, although liberty of expression online has been under threat for a while in the Russian Federation. ‘Since 2012, a register of restricted sites has managed. This […]

‘Most Used Words’ Use Might Be In Secret Invading Your Privacy on Facebook

The “Most Used Words” program is an intriguing notion – a look by means of someone ‘s Facebook accounts to see what words her or she’s got a habitual link with. The single issue is that the response comes at the expense of the user’s privacy. The program not only ambles through your private information, […]

Cyber-threat forecasts for 2016

The “Internet of things” adds enormous advantages through apparatus and programs, but these “matters” also create chances for ID-theft offenders to steal and use our info. To assist you protect and mitigate the possible negative effect of the “web of things,” which brings more users, programs, information, apparatus, and clouds than in the past. Workers […]

Torrent users particularly exposed by IPSec, PPTP and OpenVPN wreck

Virtual Private Network (VPN) protocols have a design defect which can be possibly used by snoops to identify some users’ actual IP addresses. Suppliers offering port forwarding services are impacted unless they have taken special measures that are defensive, the organization says. Attackers must get an account with the same exposed supplier as their intended […]

A VPN Shields Freedom of Speech & Fights Censorship

In this age of cyber risks and dwindling solitude, Virtual Private Networks (VPN) are an important tool for virtually any Internet user to get the internet in secure and safe manner. First world countries have special laws set in place that enable their citizens to exercise their right to freedom of expression and speech, which […]

China Penalizes VPN Users In Its Rural Northwest By Cutting on Their Cellular Telephone Service

China’s crack down on VPNs, applications that allows Internet users circumvent the internet censorship in the state, continues after the New York Times reported that VPN users in a single part of the state had their cellular service reduction completely unabated. Several residents of Xinjiang — a state in the northwest of China that’s home […]

When using a VPN security defect can expose your actual IP address

Virtual private networks (VPNs) are designed to aid users protect their online privacy. The user’s actual IP address is obfuscated by vPN services by routing traffic through other servers that are international. As a huge security flaw can seemingly show the actual IP address of their users, nevertheless, a discovery has shown that VPN services […]

The Internet Of Stuff Rules Recent Mergers & Acquisitions

The lines between between sectors in addition to non- technology and technology firms continue to get blurrier and blurrier. In the procedure, non-technology firms continued to get involved in technology in a deeper manner. At exactly the same time, technology suppliers were shifting away from products to end to end services. That is the finding […]

Why It Is Essential To Understand What Is In Our Web Archives

Why is it crucial that you recognize what is in our web archives? Probably the main reason is the fact that as an endless and ever changing landscape, it’s just impossible to archive the “whole net” and absolutely maintain every change to every page in existence. Web archives are building them is an exercise in […]

Tor is getting a major security upgrade

To hackers, spies, and cyber criminals today, calling Tor “safe” is a little laughable. There are many exploits and workarounds, together with weaknesses that are inevitable to side-channel attacks performed in the real universe, that in some instances the false awareness of cyber security can wind up making comfortable usage of Tor safe than paranoid […]

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