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China Penalizes VPN Users In Its Rural Northwest By Cutting on Their Cellular Telephone Service

China’s crack down on VPNs, applications that allows Internet users circumvent the internet censorship in the state, continues after the New York Times reported that VPN users in a single part of the state had their cellular service reduction completely unabated.

Several residents of Xinjiang — a state in the northwest of China that’s home to a sizable number ethnic minority groups, including Uighurs — told the Times that their telecom operator had disabled their service, driving the authorities to reconnect their account to be contacted by them. One user was told that he had be without service for three days.

Xinjiang has been a goal of Internet crack downs before, rioting from Uighur in 2009 viewed the area’s accessibility to the Internet closed for almost six months, and there are a lot of question marks.

You had suppose the response to the latter question is no, since cutting users away would incite unrest in several areas of the nation, but Xinjiang has a reputation as a testbed and officials could vindicate the move in the name of carrying on its brand new, strict regulations that compel mobile owners to register their ID.

by admin on November 29th, 2015 in Virtual Private Network

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