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When using a VPN security defect can expose your actual IP address

Virtual private networks (VPNs) are designed to aid users protect their online privacy. The user’s actual IP address is obfuscated by vPN services by routing traffic through other servers that are international.

As a huge security flaw can seemingly show the actual IP address of their users, nevertheless, a discovery has shown that VPN services are not as safe as you’d believe.
VPN supplier Perfect Solitude detected the security problem, Torrent Freak reports, which is described “a straightforward port forwarding trick.”

So long as a frequent VPN user as well as an attacker use the same service, the trick could be used. Forwarding traffic on a specific port can discovers the IP address of the sufferer.

The attacker has to fool the user into clicking on specific content for the trick to work.

“Influenced are VPN suppliers offering port forwarding and don’t have any protection against this particular attack,” Perfect Seclusion said, as well as the defect affects all VPN protocols across any operating system.

Some VPN suppliers have already taken actions to patch the security dilemma, and it is not unlikely that others are going to also fix the problem in future upgrades.

by admin on November 28th, 2015 in Virtual Private Network

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