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A VPN Shields Freedom of Speech & Fights Censorship

In this age of cyber risks and dwindling solitude, Virtual Private Networks (VPN) are an important tool for virtually any Internet user to get the internet in secure and safe manner.
First world countries have special laws set in place that enable their citizens to exercise their right to freedom of expression and speech, which is particularly significant in this time of prompt communication and the latest social networking.

There are several nations in the world where exercising fundamental human right like freedom of speech may result in corporal punishment, public harassment, jail time, and just a death sentence. Citizens of the modern world will discover that it’s difficult to perceive the reality that a picture, a political viewpoint, or maybe a straightforward tweet shared online can possibly wind up maintaining the life of the people concerned.

We’re not talking about nations such as the United States, UK, or Europe, where the degree of Internet censorship mainly relates to geo-blocking filters used by amusement stations including Netflix, Amazon, Hulu, and BBC iPlayer.

In oppressive regimes for example North Korea, China, Malaysia, and nations of the Middle East such as Saudi Arabia, Oman, Iran, as well as the UAE, where fighting against Internet censorship can lead to serious punishment, including death sentences in certain extraordinary instances.

by admin on November 29th, 2015 in Virtual Private Network

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