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Mark Zuckerberg Lays Down His Long Term Vision for Facebook as a ‘International Community’

Mark Zuckerberg’s long term vision for Facebook, laid out in a manifesto that is far-reaching, occasionally seems more like a utopian social guide when compared to a business plan. Are we, he inquires, “assembling the world all of US desire?” While most folks now use Facebook to join with family and friends, Zuckerberg expects the […]

Facebook to open source its Artificial Intelligence bot

Facebook’s AI Research (FAIR) Laboratory is open-sourcing its AI bot-construction research, now accessible the type of fast Text library. Facebook has been pushing against bots on Messenger, even, and where companies can interact with customers send subscription messages and ads to them….

Aquila Facebook’s solar-powered airplane

Aquila, Facebook’s solar-powered airplane job–which plans to shine net via lasers down from the heavens– has finished its first test flight in Yuma, Arizona….

Facebook Declares Mobile Program Install Advertising Developments for Programmers

Social networking giant Facebook has declared its support from Tuesday to Program Occasion Optimisation across Instagram, Facebook and its Audience Network, assuring more installs of activities and programs within the program. Established on Facebook in 2012, cellular program install advertisements enable programmers to advertise their programs inside the properties of the social network. Program Occasion […]

Facebook Messenger to Get ‘Secret Dialogues’ With End to End Encryption

Facebook is taking a huge step toward keeping Messenger users’ dialogs safe from prying eyes: The firm is testing a brand new feature it calls “secret dialogues,” which uses end to end encryption to lock up messages. In a blog post Friday declaring the evaluation, Facebook emphasized sensitive issues like fiscal advice and health as […]

Facebook’s shoebox-sized effort to bring net to distant communities

Facebook has unveiled a fresh platform to bring the most remote communities in the world – the web and it can fit inside a shoebox. Up to now, OpenCellular enables voice calling, along with the sending and receiving of SMS messages and 2G information that is fundamental connectivity. The technology system can apparently handle extreme […]

Is Facebook Working on Open Source Wireless Carrier?

The more individuals connected to the Internet, the more individuals Facebook make advertising cash off of. Though altruism plays a modest part, “more advertising eyeballs” is the motivation behind Facebook’s continuing effort to enhance broadband connectivity world-wide. As such, Facebook is investigating several alternative connectivity choices, including drone broadband, millimeter wave broadband, and new antenna […]

Facebook succeeds appeal against Belgian secrecy watchdog over tracking

Facebook has overturned a decision that blocked the social network from using its socalled datr cookies to monitor the net task of logged-out users in Belgium. This is the most recent turn in the long-running case that saw the Belgian Privacy Commission (BPC) demand Facebook discontinue the use of some cookies that enabled it to […]

Facebook Is Playing Games With Your Privacy

  If you consent to the provisions and conditions of Facebook, anticipate to be transmogrified, horror movie style, into an unwitting, twitching little guinea pig. Despite the numerous furores it’s faced and all its moves to enhance solitude across the website, the firm nevertheless believes it’s good to carry out evaluations on users, playing games […]

Facebook Says: Do Not Fall For Secrecy Hoax

  A facebook post has been going viral unfortunately, and recently, for all the wrong motives. Facebook has eventually issued a statement calling the post forgery. Facebook has requested its users to not to consider the junk post and that users “possess all of the content and advice you post on Facebook”. You can see […]

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