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Archive for the month April 2016

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How you’re making Facebook a cash machine

What you do preventing work or when waiting for the bus goes a ways to describing a tectonic shift in media and business. In such minutes you’re most likely assessing Facebook. More of you’ll do that than hunting on Google, tweeting, assessing stock prices on Yahoo or reading posts such as this. And that continuous […]

Google CEO Pichai sees the ending of computers as apparatus that are physical

The vision for the future of Google CEO Sundar Pichai does not have any space for computers. “Looking to the future, the next major step will be for the very notion of the apparatus to fade away,” Pichai said in Google’s Creator’s Letter. Instead of smartphone touchscreens, Pichai sees artificial intelligence powering computers that are […]

Twitter wishes farewell to direct message bot

Microblogging site Twitter has retired “Magic Recs” — a powerful bot report that used to send users direct messages (DM) urging viral reports or Tweets to follow. Nevertheless, Twitter said “Magic Recs” would send recommendations through drive notifications. “@MagicRecs is no longer routinely sending recommendations through Direct Message. Recommendations that were formerly shared via Direct […]

Twitter Faces Crunch Time as Advertising Dollars Stay Elusive

The race against the clock of twitter Inc is intensifying. The firm is striving hard to enhance its much- but analysts said the challenge was to do that before advertisers and more users desert to Alphabet Inc’s and Facebook Inc Google. Twitter, headed by co founder Jack Dorsey, said on Tuesday monthly active users but […]

Internet Clicks Have a Cause in Egypt

Egyptian mummy Aaz Menhom cups her hands in her yard to let her young kids under a running faucet Nada and Atef drink. “It is a blessing from God. I was bathing them once every four days, now they are able to wash daily,” she says, grinning broadly. 27, whose family share a sparsely-furnished one-room […]

Amazon Gain Beat Estimates as Cloud-Service Sales Soars Inc on Thursday reported profit and earnings that blew past analysts’ expectations, sending its shares soaring in after-hours trading and showing the growing market power of its core retail company and new cloud services department. The results draw a sharp contrast to the disappointing fourth quarter Amazon reported in January, which rekindled worries about […]

Google Translate completes 10 years; upward from 2 to 103 languages!

More than merely a program, Google’s Translate service helps link bridge obstacles and communities during tough times like what Google seen and investigated lately during the migration disaster. Another intriguing fact is that Interpret is used by more than 500 million individuals, and the most common translations are between Spanish and English, Arabic, Russian, Portuguese […]

Messenger, Facebook and Instagram Programs Strike on Windows 10

Fresh from reporting gains that were leading, Facebook on Thursday rolled out programs tailored to Microsoft’s latest operating system for its Messenger in addition to the social network and Instagram services. “These new programs will load fast and readily within Windows and have the most up to date characteristics.” Microsoft has been working to adjust […]

The Future of Authentication

Computers have difficulty identifying machines that are posing as people, or even verifying individual identity. This presents a great challenge to engineers who need to create useable and safe computer systems. Great security can be hard in theory, but in practice user behaviour makes it even more tricky. Security best practices are extremely difficult to […]

SoftBank Turns to SDN for VPN Upgrade

SoftBank has a functional pain stage that afflicts communications service providers world-wide: delivering new VPN services to customers economically and promptly. And it is not efficient in other ways also. “Our workload increases in regards to the amount of customers deployment is ineffective,” added the SoftBank exec, who said that VPN-connected capex and opex prices […]

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