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The Way to Restrict what Google knows about you

Most phone manufacturers or program programmers record user data in any stage to fine tune their solutions for a better consumer experience. However there are concerns regarding the abuse of this information. A recent report from Quartz, printed on 21 November, asserts that Android apparatus have been amassing location of local cell towers utilizing cell […]

Internet Safety Tips:Are you being Monitored on Internet?

Are you being Monitored on Internet?  Here are some Internet Safety Tips. There are, while it’s tough to protect your information online with effectiveness. According to Kaspersky Lab, these are ways in which you make certain you’re not tracked online and can deal with your privacy. All have to learn about you: Fundamental illustration of […]

Google’s latest invention is likely to make your web feel significantly quicker

You may not feel it instantly, but the web was only made by Google quicker. And you also won’t need to update net subscriptions or computers to benefit from it. The smaller the pictures, of which the internet is filled with, the quicker sites will load in your machine.

Google’s Internet-Broadcasting Job Loon Balloons Reach on Legal Snag in Sri Lanka

“Project Loon” uses roaming balloons to broadcast Web coverage and intended to join Sri Lanka’s 21 million people to the internet even those in remote connectivity black areas. But only annually after testing started in Sri Lanka regulators have not been able to allocate Google a radio frequency for the endeavor that was airborne without […]

Google is working on a brand new operating system

Google seems to have began work on an entirely new operating system, but no one knows quite what it is for. The name of the job is Fuchsia, and it now exists as an increasing stack of code on GitHub and on the search giant’s code depository also. The unfledged OS has several characteristics that […]

Google Play to Add New App Categories

As an Android user, there isn’t any deficit if programs accessible on the Google Play Store that let you make the most from your smartphone encounter. Well, Google will shortly add new program classes to the Play Shop too, while also making changes to the present ones, and only heard your issues…

Google CEO Protects Europe Warns on Brexit

Google CEO Sundar Pichai reach back at accusations the worldwide Internet giant warned of the possible side effect from Britain leaving the EU, and did not pay enough taxes in Europe. “Based on the arrangement of present tax law, most firms pay the majority of their taxes within their home countries.” He said that authorities […]

Censorship is feared by Dennis Cooper as Google erases site without warning

Cooper’s DC’s Site had been a prime destination for lovers of avant garde writing and experimental literature. An American based in Paris, several criticisms were made by Cooper on Google’s newsgroups and later enlisted an attorney to approach the California-based firm. The suspension of Cooper’s site raised worries about Google’s power to remove alternate voices […]

Europe Is Going After Google May Not Win, and Google Tough

That ’s what Google when the search giant confronted antitrust criticisms in Europe and so many company and technology journalists said. And really, one of those charges had filed. But all these years after, Microsoft has removed itself from the fight, reaching an arrangement with Google that says all regulatory charges against each other will […]

Google Will Become Prey

They are not always a bad thing, although monopolies get a bad rap. In the short term, modern monopolies in many cases are a blessing to consumers. They bring valuable new innovations to market, and, in the instance of of platforms, they construct marketplaces and new communities that wouldn’t exist. The disadvantage comes much later, […]

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