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Archive for the month August 2015

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Google OnHub Wifi router review: It is designed to coddle annoy power users and beginners

You will either love or loathe the new OnHub Wifi router that TP-Link and Google have cooked up. If you are of the “I only need it to work” mindset, you will like it. If you are an enthusiast who likes to turn hardware tweaking knobs, to your will and being conscious of everything that […]

One month after, Windows 10: The good & the bad

The move didn’t go down nicely with a lot of notebook and desktop computer users who’re true to their computer keyboards and mice, and didn’t feel at home with fullscreen UI programs that are modern, concealed charms menus and lots of inconsistencies. Microsoft attempted to mitigate some problems with Windows 8.1 and some step-by-step upgrades […]

Flipkart, Facebook, 28 others testify against Google India

Flipkart, Facebook, Nokia’s maps section, and various other firms have corroborated charges that the US net giant abused its dominant market position, in their own reply to queries raised by the Competition Commission of India. Where an antitrust body is officially increasing such charges against Google this indicates the very first instance internationally. The […]

why the world needs IPv6?

There is no denying that the Web has altered the world, it hasn’t reached everyone yet. While areas like Africa are investing in Internet infrastructure developed markets are leading the way when it comes to Internet penetration and use. But it may not be easy to set up Internet infrastructure in certain areas of the […]

Shielding the future of the web

In 2013 the problem of Internet privacy was thrown into the limelight, with the disclosures that some authorities have sanctioned particular spy agencies to intercept user information. These activities certainly go against the web ‘s foundation principles of independence and openness. These principles are a part of why and by what method the Web has […]

The greatest dangers to the web

With over seven billion people on earth and about 40% of them online, the web is among the resources that are main to shield, but is it fully shielded? We have all learned about bugs like the 512k router issue as well as Shellshock, but are there other threats which could bring down the world-wide […]

The dangers presented by the Internet of Things

These buzzwords transform into common, everyday facts that introduce quite real and present risk in addition to could offer both significant edges. At the moment, there are just two essential technology issues which are both thought provoking and headline-worthy: the Internet of Things and houses that are connected. With connected apparatus including wearable technology, smart […]

What would happen to the market with no net?

In this time, it will be exceedingly hard to claim the international market could continue with no net in exactly the same manner. The capacity to transfer information instantaneously across vast spaces has totally altered the world of business and society at large. If we had that what would occur? Or if it was seriously […]

Internet speeds rose 29% year-on-year from 2013

Hong Kong, Japan and South Korea hold the top places for the states with the fastest connections, with averages of 12 and 22, 13 Mbps. Despite jobs and authorities rollouts all over the nation, the UK does not appear in the top ten. Ireland does yet, slipping into tenth from 2012 with a remarkable 43 […]

Why IPv6 should be taken by you seriously?

The world is running out of IPv4, however do not run to snatch the little that is left – you are better off turning to IPv6. It’ll have huge consequences for web communications during the following couple of years although it might seem like Greek to a lot of readers. Both web protocols there is […]

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