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Technology companies scrambling for fixes are sent by Wikileaks’ CIA

Tons of companies raced to check the damage from potential security weak points following the anti-secrecy organisation’s disclosures, although some said they needed much more details on what the U.S. intelligence agency was up to before they could thwart imagined but formerly concealed strikes…….

Is this the ending for The Pirate Bay? New IP address crack down knocks on website offline

The Pirate Bay and other torrent sites stay offline after one of the world’s biggest internet providers. But since Cloudflare’s Always On-Line technology is used by the website you may continue to browse a picture of the website. When the website comes back and, we’ll keep checking account in the backdrop, you’ll automatically be served […]

CIA & WikiLeaks are undermining the security of the web, says Mozilla

The recent disclosure from WikiLeaks is most likely the largest leak up to now. It is because, WikiLeaks released a large number of pages that contained in-depth info regarding applications, innovative applications and techniques which are used by CIA to get computers, smartphones and at times; web –connected TVs that are smart. On this particular […]

Google Reported by Danish Watchdog for Unlimited Data Storage

A Danish consumer watchdog has reported Alphabet Inc’s Google to the Danish Data Protection Agency by not limiting the quantity of time private information is stored on Google’s servers for possibly breaking privacy laws, the watchdog said on Tuesday in a statement…..

Consumer Reports to Contemplate Cybersecurity in Merchandise Reviews

Consumer Reports, an influential US nonprofit group that runs wide-ranging reviews of kitchen appliances, automobiles and other goods, is gearing up to begin contemplating cyber-security privacy and safeguards when scoring products. The group, which issues lots that rank said on Monday how nicely customer information is procured and it’d collaborated with several external organizations to […]

Twitter is Going to Shut Down its Dashboard for Businesses

Twitter is closing down its Dashboard feature that gives companies a group of resources to monitor entry stats tweets and much more. “Twitter Dash Board is going to be shutting down on Feb 3rd. As time goes by, we expect to to create the most effective attributes from Dash to the more comprehensive Twitter neighborhood,” […]

Do You Know What Is The Most Common Password of 2016?

A password is an unspaced sequence of characters used to discover that a computer user is actually that specific user. Do You Know What Is The Most Common Password of 2016? Passwords ‘12345678’, ‘111111’, ‘1234567890’, ‘1234567’, ‘password’, ‘123123’, ‘987654321’ were among the very best ten list in 2016. “Website operators that allow such flimsy protection […]

Protect Yourself From Open Wi-Fi Attacks

In the last couple years, a fresh breed of cellular telephone user has sprung up. Sure, we have been using Wifi for years, but at least for many of us, what was after occasional notebook login and the casual is now a much more regular and more suitable fast check for email, stock reports, headlines, […]

Using URL Shorteners May Show Your Private Data

Everybody spies on everybody online, right? News organizations track behaviour is ’ed by users on their websites to learn where visitors come from and which posts do good. Social and marketers media networks try to monitor your movements across the whole Internet with distant content including images and the aid of cookies. But tracking individuals online […]

KickassTorrents’ clone sites that are popular are taken down

Shortly after KickassTorrents, the popular torrents streaming web site was taken down, clone sites with names like and kickasstorrents.sites had propped up, but it appears these are now down too. Whoever owns file sharing site KickassTorrents was indicted for copyright infringement associated with the..

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