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Archive for the month July 2015

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Intel unveils platform for Internet of Things

Intel says that the Intel IoT Platform “unifies gateway, connectivity and security elements to just set up IoT” and will “transfer IoT from infancy to mass deployment”. It’s being established in conjunction with several hardware associates – including Tata Consultancy, Booz Allen Hamilton, Capgemini, Dell, NTT Data, Accenture, Wipro and NTT Data. The platform, which […]

Ensuring everything: the dangers presented by the Internet of Things

These buzzwords transform into common, everyday facts that introduce quite real and present risk in addition to could offer both significant edges. At the moment, there are just two essential technology issues which are both thought provoking and headline-worthy: the Internet of Things and houses that are connected. The term “Internet of Things” refers to […]

Server Security?

The physical security of the server hardware is frequently missed as the cloud starts to control how companies handle their vast variety of information. With robbers targeting routing gear an exchange for the Vodafone network was assaulted in 2011. In case your company ‘s servers were stolen, do you’ve got sufficient information backup regimes set […]

Protect Yourself Online

A built version of Firefox with additional security layered in the event you have noodled around with the anonymising network. It is really an important element of the security, because there is more to protecting yourself than simply hiding your IP address. A VPN provides part of the security and seclusion bundle, but it is […]

We can be tracked by websites by the way we sort?

A proof of concept Google Chrome extension that hides your fingers linger on each essential you depress as you kind and how much of a time lag there’s between every one of your key presses. And just why would you have to disguise these typing characteristics – also called periodicity – which are distinctive to […]

Sharing broadband across multiple PCs

There are several methods to share your broadband with numerous computers. These fall into two groups. The foremost is a line sharing alternative given by the ISP. This requires additional outlets to be set up for every PC at home or office. This is an easy option that needs no additional settings, but is now […]

What You Should Know About Digital Subscriber Line?

Phone networks were never intended to carry information at high speeds; by converting your voice into an electric signal, they were constructed to carry an analog voice. A modem converts digital signals into an analog audio signal that could readily be carried over a phone line. The technical limits of phone lines mean that the […]

Dynamic IP Address with a different view?

First, let us clarify what an IP address is. IP address or an Internet Protocal Address for short, is like the phone number of your computer. Without it, your pc would not be able to connect to the Internet. An IP address contains numbers and intervals ( So, what’s a dynamic IP address? You most […]

Microsoft releases tool to conceal or block unwanted Windows 10 upgrades

Windows 10 Home offers no solution to block new attributes and security upgrades. And the Professional version has only limited control over upgrades. That is triggered an outcry from Windows 10 examiners (including my ZDNet co-worker Adrian Kingsley-Hughes) accustomed to years of having the ability to pick and select from a menu of upgrades every […]

Google’s Project Loon to blanket Sri Lanka with internet access

Google has notched up its first national installation of Loon, signing a deal with the Sri Lankan authorities to deliver internet access throughout the nation. Sri Lanka on Wednesday declared it means to become the very first country on earth to offer worldwide internet access thanks to the deal with Google, that will find the […]

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