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We can be tracked by websites by the way we sort?

A proof of concept Google Chrome extension that hides your fingers linger on each essential you depress as you kind and how much of a time lag there’s between every one of your key presses.

And just why would you have to disguise these typing characteristics – also called periodicity – which are distinctive to people as fingerprints?

Examples include profiling technology from a Swedish firm called BehavioSec that could identify website visitors, predicated on their typing customs, with a confidence rate of 80% as well as a session score of 99%.

That kind of success comes following the technology was trained on a just 44 input characters.

The expansion, made to obfuscate our typing designs, comes from security researchers Per Thorsheim and Paul Moore.

On his website, Moore said on Tuesday that UK banks are rumored to be trialing such technology to attempt to find and minimize the chance of fraud.

Why would the researchers would like to fight off banks’ attempts to find fraudulent action on our accounts?

And why would bank customers need to cut back security by throwing a monkey wrench – or, actually, in this instance, it is like introducing the technical equivalent of an extremely precise cat walking across our computer keyboards more – into banks’ attempts?

Moore said, because as it’s, we are trading privacy for security.

Basically, we are unwittingly leaking identifying information to each website that monitors our typing fingerprints, or what is also known as our behavioral biometrics: the measurement of something that somebody does, be it typing, talking or walking.

by admin on July 31st, 2015 in Technology

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