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Archive for the month June 2016

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Global CCTV Botnet Successfully Ran DDoS Attack

In this day of privacy recognition and mass surveillance, CCTV cameras in many cases are forgotten about. But as it turns out, an nefarious intent can be served by these tracking apparatus, albeit unwillingly. Security researchers uncovered a botnet working on 25,000 CCTV cameras. This strike targeted a little jewelry store web site, which was […]

WiFi warning! Study finds U.S. oblivious of public Wifi threats

A recent survey found the bulk of U.S. consumers often participate in high-risk public Wifi behaviour because they’re oblivious of the dangers and do not realize how to use a virtual private network (VPN). The report said most of the respondents participated in these and other activities that were dangerous because there’s a substantial lack […]

Google says machine learning is the future

The world is gently being reshaped by machine learning. We need to teach computers the best way to perform complicated tasks like text translation or image recognition we construct systems that let them learn the best way to do it themselves. ” says a senior research scientist at Google, Greg Corrado. It ’s only a […]

Facebook Says: Do Not Fall For Secrecy Hoax

  A facebook post has been going viral unfortunately, and recently, for all the wrong motives. Facebook has eventually issued a statement calling the post forgery. Facebook has requested its users to not to consider the junk post and that users “possess all of the content and advice you post on Facebook”. You can see […]

Craigslist creator requests technology sector to join him

Craigslist founder Craig Newmark devoted himself to support the underprivileged of San Francisco when he arrived in the city 23 years past, and now he is requesting more businesses to give back. “I went here in the middle of ’93 — a great time to go here because it was only prior to the dotcom […]

Brexit Made Dublin More Appealing for Technology

As the only remaining English-speaking capital in the EU, already Alphabet Inc.’s Google and Facebook Inc’s home away from home in Europe, Dublin will have an opportunity to be a victor in London’s dirty divorce from Brussels. Slack, Airbnb, twitter and other prominent technology businesses have their European headquarters in Dublin, close to the city’s […]

Google’s new page allows you to see all your Google history

  While formerly it’d use data from its services to serve tailored advertisements on those services to you, now it is going to enlarge this to AdSense advertising across the Web. You may wonder why you pick more data collection but there are some real advantages. Mostly, you can control which type of ads show […]

US technology giants are betting on Africa

Things have changed with the means big business deals with Africa. Formerly a destination for CSR-related tasks like putting trees and building schools, the continent is currently very much the investment destination of choice, particularly for US technology giants. It’s been quite a turn around. Nigeria was gyrating back into dictatorship, when, for instance, Microsoft […]

Microsoft Kills ‘Messaging Everywhere’

Nevertheless, it’s been releasing preview versions often, suggesting in any way the new attributes the upgrade will entail. Some of the most anticipated characteristics came with the April preview construct – a characteristic called Messaging. It empowered Windows 10 users to send and receive mobile text messages on their PCs. It planned to operate as […]

Netflix substitute Mubi cancels plan to start localized service in China

There’s no idea at this point the determination affecting Mubi — which differs from Netflix and others through a rolling collection of 30 pictures which are accessible for a month and mostly independent creations — is censorship-connected, but it’s difficult to dismiss recent problems in China’s on-line content space. Apple’s iTunes iBooks and Pictures shops […]

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