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Dynamic IP Address with a different view?

First, let us clarify what an IP address is. IP address or an Internet Protocal Address for short, is like the phone number of your computer. Without it, your pc would not be able to connect to the Internet. An IP address contains numbers and intervals (
So, what’s a dynamic IP address? You most probably have a dynamic IP address for those who are in possession of a residential cable or DSL service. Internet Service Providers (ISPs) provide customers using a dynamic IP addresses since they are more cost effective. After a couple of days, weeks or even months, that number gets put back in the pool and you’re assigned a fresh number.
This is the reason a dynamic IP address can allow it to be tricky because in the event that you understand your IP address 5 minutes from now, at this moment it might differ to remotely access your Computer, DVR or webcam. So need to get your computer remotely, but you’ve the incorrect IP address and if you’re gone, you WOn’t have the ability to connect to your personal computer.
Dynamic DNS makes a dynamic IP address behave as though it is static (doesn’t change) even though it’s not. With No IP you create a simple to recall hostname. When your IP address changes, your IP address is updated by our Dynamic Update Client on our servers, so your hostname remains active with your energetic IP address as well as your link remains accessible on a regular basis.
Occasionally, routers have DDNS or dynamic DNS assembled into the router. With this particular attribute, you don’t have to download our Dynamic Update Client. This can keep your link active for you.
Dynamic IP addresses are somewhat annoying, but with the proper software you’ll be able to get them around . Most ISPs don’t supply residential customers with a static IP address and they’re generally quite expensive when they do.

by admin on July 31st, 2015 in IP Address

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