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Aquila Facebook’s solar-powered airplane

Aquila, Facebook’s solar-powered airplane job–which plans to shine net via lasers down from the heavens– has finished its first test flight in Yuma, Arizona….

A Facebook blogpost disclosed the first flight was a low-elevation one, and the airplane was up in the heavens for 96 minutes, although the initial plan was to keep it flying for half an hour. In another note on Facebook, CEO Mark Zuckerberg, shown aspects for Aquila behind the technology.
In his place Zuckerberg says, “We collected tons of information about the aircraft construction and our models — and after two years of development, it was emotional to see Aquila really get off the ground.”
Facebook disclosed this was the very first time a full scale version of Aquila flew; till today only one fifth scale variations of the layout were being examined.
Aquila is part of Facebook’s challenging job, which plans to bring internet connectivity across the world.
Mark Zuckerberg’s post additionally disclosed some details about the Aquila airplanes. Here’s a glance at the technology behind Aquila.
Weight: The firm is working to make these airplanes lighter.
Electricity: Aquila is solar-powered and uses the sun’s energy from the day so it must conserve energy to remain airborne during the nighttime. Now 5,000W of electricity at cruising is being used by the airplane altitude, and Facebook’s Connectivity Lab is looking for means to make it even more.
Control: “ Aquila relies on a ground crew of about a dozen engineers, aviators and technicians who preserve, direct and track the aircraft,” says Zuckerberg’s blogpost.
Rate: Zuckerberg says as it must use minimal energy Aquila flies quite slowly. The airplane flies somewhat quicker (80 miles per hour/128 kmph) at higher elevations, where the atmosphere is thinner.
Elevation: Facebook is additionally working on the best way to get Aquila’s wings and propellers to work in higher (colder) elevations and lower (warmer) elevations, where the atmosphere is denser. The business has to determine how this will affect solar panel operation, battery size, latitude range ” etc writes Zuckerberg, and seasonal operation.

Communications: Facebook’s Aquila will take a communications payload, that will use lasers to broadcast information. Zuckerberg says the ray will be “ .” that is exact enough to hit a dime more than 11 miles away
Facebook is only one company looking at broadcasting web from the heavens. Google’s Project Loon floats balloons which air down net in distant regions. Unused frequencies allocated to broadcasting services to supply web in particular areas of the state will be used by Microsoft’s White Spaces Job.

by admin on July 22nd, 2016 in Facebook
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