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Facebook succeeds appeal against Belgian secrecy watchdog over tracking

Facebook has overturned a decision that blocked the social network from using its socalled datr cookies to monitor the net task of logged-out users in Belgium.

This is the most recent turn in the long-running case that saw the Belgian Privacy Commission (BPC) demand Facebook discontinue the use of some cookies that enabled it to monitor users beyond Facebook.

A court ordered Facebook to stop registering and monitoring web use by individuals who browse the web in November in Belgium”.

The Brussels appeals court also threw out the BPC’s claim the case was urgent and needed expedited process.

A Facebook representative said: “we’re pleased with the court’s conclusion and anticipate bringing back all our services online for individuals in Belgium.”

“Today’s only and choice merely means that Belgian citizens cannot get the protection of their private lives through tribunals and the courts when it concerns foreign performers.”

It asserted that monitoring users without their permission.

Facebook maintained the datr cookie is used to shield users as part of its security systems, preventing user accounts.

The BPC has formerly overruled the court of appeal on issues of authority over foreign firms, and said it’d explore establishing a final appeal with the court of cassation, which can throw out preceding rulings but not deliver new ones.

by admin on July 2nd, 2016 in Facebook

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