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Archive for the month November 2015

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Is My Information At Risk?

A VPN, or a Virtual Private Network, is ideal for fostering security and encrypting your data, but it is also useful to hide your IP address. If you have ever visited YouTube and seen “Sorry, this video is not available in your state” or attempted to sign up for a new service just to find […]

Google ‘s search results seem to understand a lot about you

The three parts of advice are your IP address, your telephone or tablet PC’s place or by a default or “dwelling” place which you’ve set in your account. For instance, in the event you have been looking at shoes online lately, Google stop up an advertisement for a shoe store it understands is near your […]

Know More About your Password

Some experts estimate the ordinary man must now recall about 40 different passwords to get the growing quantities of on-line accounts we hold – And with many websites requiring an increasingly sophisticated mix of numbers, symbols and letters are we at danger of info overload, or is it a crucial measure to maintain our on-line […]

What is the Carbon Footprint of an E-Mail?

A long list of apparently innocuous regular activities lead to emissions of carbon dioxide (CO2) and other climate-changing greenhouse gases. Driving an automobile and turning a light switch have a clear “carbon footprint” substantially less evident is the damage due to sending an easy text message or opening a bottle of plain water. Digital footprint […]

Mozilla Says It No Longer Wants the Cash of Google to Thrive

The Firefox manufacturer declared it is assured the recent search engine deals it’s inked with other Internet companies can bring in enough cash in order for it to work. For fiscal strength, Mozilla has greatly relied on its search engine venture with Google for a long time. For example, in 2012 and 2013, 90 percent […]

Data security challenges in M2M

The term “Machine-to-Machine” or M2M encompasses a fairly extensive array of tasks. In general it refers to some sort of control or central processor communication with actuators, one or more remote sensors or alternative peripherals to perform some sort of an automated function. This is as easy as a house thermostat controlling air conditioner and […]

‘Most-used words on Facebook’ program may be stealing your information

A viral program can sell it on to whoever it needs and can hoover up all of people’s individual information. The programs subsequently request access to Facebook page and your info before they sell on the info and will give up what they’re offering — they are able to collect. It pulls info from users’ […]

Facebook to replace work e-mail at RBS

Facebook for Work chooses what’s good about Facebook — the News Feed messaging, groups, and so on — and takes it to the office. It is a fresh take on business communicating programs which often concentrate around messaging functions that are slow. Facebook at Work looks like your routine, everyday Facebook web feed. RBS is […]

This web technology is 100 times faster than Wifi

A fresh form of wireless web technology was developed that could supply a link that is 100 times quicker than conventional WiFi. An Estonian start-up is called LiFi, and examined the technology called Velmenni, who are now trialling it in offices. LiFi has proved capable of sending information at rates of up to 1GBps, approximately […]

Unpatched browser weaknesses could be used to monitor millions of Web users

In the last decade, there is been a solitude arms race between browser manufacturers and unscrupulous site operators. The former wield an ever changing lineup of so called zombie cookies that can not be readily deleted and strikes while browser manufacturers plan to prevent such privacy invasions by close the layout weaknesses that make them […]

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