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After posts go missing Sarawak Report claims assault by hackers

News portal Sarawak Report asserted that professional hackers assaulted them on March 23, when several posts allegedly vanished from the webpage.

The hacking efforts was said to start at 10.37am. Among the posts on the portal site allegedly went missing from the website half an hour afterwards.

“Hackers are really so scrupulous when they conceal and alter their IP (Internet Protocol) address as an endeavor to conceal their place.

Sarawak Report has previously published a number of posts on the supposed money trail of the distressed 1MDB.

The reports had mentioned and released pictures of suspected characters behind the “puzzle” of the loss of funds.

Sarawak Report last Sunday had also reported confronting suspension after “undisclosed people” purchased a copyright picture Malaysian tycoon Jho Low partying with some stars, including Paris Hilton.

“This nonexistent bureau has used threatening and legalistic language, demanding we remove the images, which have been circulated on the internet by several other online magazines since 2010, because they say they got the copyright.

“Given the posts and pictures are tied to enormous spending by specific people; those people who are thought to participate in the loss of billions of ringgit which are designed to help the poor and undeveloped places in Malaysia, we considered that it absolutely was a matter of public interest for all these photographs to be printed,” the Sarawak Report had said.

by admin on March 31st, 2015 in Hacker attack

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