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We made a decision to develop into No Log VPN Provider!

We made a decision to develop into No Log VPN provider last summer we wanted to make a move longer to produce confidence than simply upgrading our site and online privacy with No Log language. Challenge that the VPN industry and we desired to alter the dialog. Since our service has evolved within the last ten years, we’ve be capable with conducting a world wide VPN network and also the requisite for nominal logging has steadily diminished. We’ve discovered better methods to boost operation and conquer fraudsters without having an individual’s connection info.

Thus, we made a choice to seek the services of a respected, independent auditor to confirm that if we state”No connection” users may trust us aren’t left wondering why when we’re another VPN Provider who says something and does the other. That you do not need to fundamentally trust us (even though I believe that you ought to ), however we expect that you are able to trust Leviathan Security once they attest that we’ve delivered on our Log promise for our clients. People’s expectations had shifted. It was time to get actions. Individuals are more demanding solitude from the organizations and also that is clearly a fantastic thing. I am hoping this trend persists.

Therefore, I am pleased to declare that we’re the world’s first publicly audited No Deposit VPN Provider. Our painters do not believe, although sure, this appears to be a marketing material! Our teams worked closely with all the team in Leviathan Security to handle all concerns that appeared while they moved through the analysis.

We’ve already been quite outspoken about VPN Providers that asserted total anonymity or perhaps even a”no connection” VPN service however turning user data into government. We experienced valid concerns about fresh entrants from the VPN industry that promise privacy but send just the alternative whilst departing users not one the wiser.


by admin on June 10th, 2019 in Hide my IP, IP Address, Virtual Private Network

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