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Your IP address logs are Stored by your ISPs

The continuing avalanche of mass-BitTorrent suits disclose that IP addresses can get folks into a lot of problem and it is common for Internet subscribers to be accused of sharing copyrighted content. This begs the question, for how long are these IP addresses saved? TorrentFreak requested a few of the biggest Internet providers in America about their logging practices to discover.

Now there are no compulsory data retention laws in America. Unlike in Europe, Internet providers aren’t needed so these could be linked to particular subscriber accounts to monitor IP address assignments.

The question is, for how long will this stay the case, particularly considering SOPA writer Lamar Smith’s introduction of a fresh bill this past year. Under LamarSmith Act, ISPs will likely have to maintain IP address logs for at least a year.

For the time being, nevertheless, no logs are required by law.

Earlier this week the CEO of Sonic called on fellow ISPs purge logs after fourteen days like his business does and to defend the secrecy of subscribers. Among the reasons mentioned was the huge quantity of civil subpoenas that are, ironically enough, regularly sent by “Internet pornographers” in mass-BitTorrent suits.

A refreshing position, and one which makes users of other suppliers interested regarding their ISPs’ logging practices. Sadly, nearly all suppliers are extremely close about their data retention policies. Unlike VPN suppliers, all acknowledge to IP addresses that are logging, but they keep them remains a puzzle.

In an effort to learn more, TorrentFreak contacted several big ISPs with the apparently straightforward question; How long does “company X” shop IP address homework logs? Our findings are detailed below.

People who conceal their IP address and value their privacy can always sign up with a VPN supplier, one that does not keep logs.

Time Warner Cable
Time Warner told us that they save IP address logs for up to 6 months.

Interestingly, the organization is the sole ISP we contacted that also posts information regarding its data retention on its web site.

Comcast didn’t answer to our questions but has mentioned a 180 day retention policy for IP addresses in BitTorrent-related court records. On some occasions cases are dismissed because logs were accessible, meaning that alleged infringes couldn’t be identified.

The 180 day policy is, in addition, mentioned in the Comcast Law Enforcement Handbook.

Verizon’s Solitude Office advised TorrentFreak by e-mail that information about IP address assignments is kept for 18 months, the longest of all ISPs who responded to our request.
The Qwest/CenturyLink Law Enforcement Support Group told us that IP address logs are maintained for about 1 year. Qwest/Century noted that private details are just revealed when the organization receives a subpoena as is in addition the case with other Internet Providers.

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