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Russia Wants to Launch Backup DNS System As Soon As Possible

The Russian Security Council has now formally asked the nation’s authorities to initiate the construction of a copy global DNS system which Russia and fellow BRICS member nations could utilize.

The Russian Security Council cited that the “increased capacities of western countries to conduct offensive operations at the informational area.”

Russia and fellow BRICS countries would prefer the choice to turn a switch and transfer Internet traffic out of today’s most important DNS system for their personal backup.

Russia, China, and several other nations have criticized the US for hoarding management within the domain naming system (DNS), a position they assert has enabled the US to intercept and exploit international online traffic.

This past year, that the US handed over control within the DNS method to ICANN, an unaffiliated organization. Even though Russia and China welcomed the movement, they really desired the DNS system to be commanded by the United Nations’ International Telecommunication Union. This is because both nations have more energy in UN things than control within an NGO, such as ICANN.

The US was afraid to hand over control within the global DNS system since it contended that this would enable oppressive regimes to censor what Web sites citizens can get.

Control over DNS means control on the World Wide Web
Using a backup DNS program set up, all BRICS members can simply turn off the principal DNS system and utilize their own in times of catastrophe.

This also enables BRICS members to restrict access to any site they need when the backup DNS process is triggered, for example social networks when employed to rally anti-government protests.

What’s more, the backup DNS system also permits oppressive regimes to deanonymize Tor visitors and search for dissidents, through an assault known as DefecTor.

Additionally, the backup DNS system also allows these countries to isolate sites and solutions that other nations couldn’t access.

Some may argue this may allow Chinese and Russian hackers to go after any goal that they need but might provide both countries a place to conceal their own vital infrastructure.

The news now comes after Russia conducted a test of a backup DNS program in 2014, and afterwards in May this year, Russian officials stated they intended to route 95 percent of all online traffic locally by 2020. Additionally today, NATO states declared that they had been mulling a more powerful reaction to cyber attacks.

by admin on December 1st, 2017 in DNS

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