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Proxy Changer Software Allows Skipping Browser Restart
Are you using a proxy changer for the IE browser? Proxy changer is a Windows program software that makes quick changes between proxy servers. You can save a lot of time while you are working on your computer desktop. This program is available in our proxy rental service, which can make a quick change in the proxy settings on Internet explorer. Our proxy server users will be provided with an option to switch between default proxy and an alternate proxy server. This application is ideal for laptop users who want to shift between the home and workplace. The proxy settings will automatically change from default proxy to alternate proxy server and it does not require restarting Internet Explorer.
Proxy Changer from USA's Most Popular DSL Service ISP's
Proxy rental provides DSL service, widely popular in the USA. We do issue IP proxies and change those proxies dynamically to the user's choice. Recently, our Proxy rental service has begun to deploy cloud service technology to serve consumers, with our proxy changing features. With the inception of Microsoft cloud technology our rental services is up to 32,000 residential IPs in 48 hours. With the huge response, our proxyrental service encourages an eight hour free trial for our customers to make it more accessible. The proxy software is a powerful tool, which provides ample benefits to consumers. Online marketers and lead generator marketing companies can optimize online businesses. Proxy Rental proxies can bypass restricted sites and continue to deliver business proposals to prospective consumers. You can download our proxyrental software on your computer desktop and it occupies very little memory. Users can benefit from some of our prominent features. On deployment, our proxy servers will increase the browsing speeds, helps consumers make quick file upload and file download thereby saving on valuable time and money.
Proxy Changing Software Protects User's Information Online
The proxy changer software has protective features to protect the computer system from hackers' invasions as to keep your personal details safe and intact. You can transfer your confidential information over the Internet through our services to save it from hackers by the encryption of information through the proxy servers. Moreover, our Proxy Rental services are adapted by Corporates for various purposes. We do not share our clients personal information or employee activities at the workplace, and provide protection to the confidential information circulated between different offices of our client's organization. Hackers from the unknown sources can make an offer of free proxies to consumers, and if employed by users will be a serious threat to their computer desktop. By subscribing to the proxy changer software with us, you can be free from the hacker threats and take advantage of the ample features made available to users. We do offer a free trial to the Internet users, which did include the recent introduction of cloud services.

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    REQUIRES: Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8