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proxy example

IPs are not created equal.

Here's the bottom line - If you post ads in cities where you don't have a physical presence, they will get ghosted and your account may be banned permanently. That is why all of the following simply doesn't work long term:

Automated Posting Software (unless you have the right proxy service/IPs with it)

Static IPs (You need IPs that are dynamic, constantly changing & rarely recycled)

Non-Residential IPs (IPs coming from a data center or VPN are easily picked off by ad sites)

Why do you think we are the ONLY proxy service the biggest auto posting software name recommends?
Because there is no other service that combines the unlimited supply of residential IPs in all locations. Other services use static IPs (for US) or if they provide residential IP at all, very limited locations are offered
Proxy Rental is the only service that has the combination of both!

  • World renowned remote DSL service with over 1 million downloads!
    REQUIRES: Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8