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Want to speed up the internet connection?

Over five times could speed up the world wide web if there were some major changes to TCP/IP.

Essentially this means using mathematical algorithms that are new on routing issues cut congestion and to remove retransmissions. RLNC called “Random Linear Network Coding” (RLNC) would enable encoded data cease the receiving node needing to work out that some data went missing and have the ability to be re-built within the network and request a retransmission.

Upstream and downstream data is utilized to reconstruct what’s overlooking using a mathematical equation. Essentially it’s like the error correction which TCP/IP attempted to kill off in the very first place. The group is attempting to flog the technology in Silicon Valley by means of an organization called Steinwurf, that will make RLNC accessible to hardware makers.

by admin on February 27th, 2015 in Network Security
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