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Microsoft files Suit against IP address that Triggered pirated Windows

Microsoft’s operating systems and other applications have been utilized without paying for permit fees by many consumers as long. The business was much less strict to have constraints or require the piracy consumers to reserve because the database of piracy consumers had been far too big, but the technology giant was constantly pursuing corporate and massive offices due to the high number of pirated software being used under one roof and that also for industrial function. Now, however, it looks like Microsoft has pulled its socks up and is moving behind human users also. Microsoft has sued the celebration for trademark and copyright infringement. GeekWire reported that the courtroom records mentioned a specific IP address that seems to be employed by a Comcase office at New Jersy. The individual behind the IP address has supposedly attempts to trigger over 1,000 copies of their unlicensed Microsoft software.
“Throughout the application activation process, Defendants contacted Microsoft activation servers in Washington over 2800 days from December 2014 to July 2017, also sent detailed info to all those servers to be able to trigger the applications,” maintained Microsoft.
In this specific scenario, it was quite probable that it was a shop that installed unlicensed copies onto the apparatus it offered. With this movement, it certainly confirms that the technology giant is listening to incoming requests and zeroing down into the IP addresses which are coming in to get triggering pirated software backups.
Microsoft’s Windows and Office are among the most pirated products globally as well as the technology giant currently suffers heavy losses, especially in countries such as China where piracy remains a significant issue.

by admin on January 16th, 2018 in Microsoft

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