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Google Will Shortly Shame All Websites Which Are Unencrypted

Google needs everything on the internet to be travelling over a safe channel.

With this coming change in Chrome, Google makes it clear the internet of the future all should be encrypted, and all websites ought to be served over HTTPS, which is basically a risk-free level in addition to the standard HTTP internet protocol. Several businesses and organizations have been pushing for more encrypted sites as a piece of an effort to “Encrypt All Of The Things,” which consists of encouraging more websites to abandon the conventional, less protected HTTP protocol and embrace HTTPS.

Now, Chrome shows just an icon of a white page when the site you are getting isn’t fixed with HTTPS, a green fast padlock when it’s, together with a padlock with a red “x” on it when there is something wrong with the HTTPS page the user is attempting to get. The change will bring even more attention to the websites which are possibly insecure.

“The aim of the proposition is to more clearly show to users that HTTP provides no data security,” Google’s Chris Palmer wrote.

by admin on January 28th, 2016 in Google

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