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Google asks court to press for sanctions against Oracle Corp

In its letter Google asked that Oracle’s attorney not have additional access to its confidential information or confidential information of a third party, and requested permission to file a motion seeking sanctions, for a finding of contempt.
“The serious possible impacts of public disclosure promptly became reality, especially given the astonishing temperament of the disclosure,” according to the letter.

Oracle wasn’t immediately available to comment on the letter.

Mentioning a transcript of court proceeding related to a copyright suit Bloomberg reported Google paid $1 billion to Apple in 2014 to keep its search bar on the iPhone.
Google gives Apple a portion of sales produced via the iPhone but details of the tie up have never been made public.

Google’s Android operating system has produced a gain of $22 billion as well as sales of about $31 billion since its release, Oracle’s attorney said at the hearing.
In its suit, Oracle has accused Google of not paying for Android apparatus for the usage of Java applications.

Oracle is seeking royalties for the use of some Java language of Google. Google claims it ought to have the ability to use Java without paying a fee.

by admin on January 29th, 2016 in Google

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