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Gaana.Com hacked, details of over 10 million users exposed

Database was so enormous that we did not even bother looking … And no info was dumped and saved locally … Not even one row.”

He said the hack was “only a POC (proof of concept) to emphasize the problem which was snatching the details straight from their DBMS (Database management systems) and I repeat again advice wasn’t saved locally.”

In his response on the hacker’s Facebook page, Gajwani said: “First of all, Iwant to apologize personally if you’d shared these reports and we did not answer before. Completely unacceptable by us, and I am looking into it.”

A Times Internet representative supported the opinion of Gajwani. Nevertheless, there clearly was no response to e-mail queries in this aspect.

Gajwani in his response on hacker’s Facebook page offered a deal to the hacker and additionally said he believed the purpose of the hacker wasn’t to show private information regarding Gaana users but to emphasize the susceptibility.

In the event you are interested, message me directly, as I’d be really thankful for your guidance,” Gajwani said.

In the evening, Gaana.Com shown “site is down due to server maintenance.

by admin on May 28th, 2015 in Hacker attack

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