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Facebook May Be Planning To Incorporate WhatsApp Into It However You Can Opt Out

Popular instant messaging service WhatsApp could soon be sharing user information Facebook, with its parent company.
The brand new feature enables users to share “share my WhatsApp account info with Facebook, to enhance my Facebook encounters,” according to the screenshots.
Nullifying the choice, once sharing has been executed, now seems be a once and for all conclusion.
Yet it’s not clear how that information is going to be useful in improving the Facebook encryption and what information will likely be shared.
In addition, it shows that an elective end to end encryption into WhatsApp, significance that no one apart from receiver and the sender will probably have the ability to read the messages will soon be rolled out in the following major upgrade. Added features include doc support as well as video calling.
Facebook purchased the instant messaging business for almost $19 billion in February 2014.

by admin on January 27th, 2016 in Facebook

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