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Archive for the month March 2015

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Look Past Your Workers when It Comes to Cybersecurity

The cybersecurity business does lots of hand what will be done about the growing frequency and sophistication of today’s cyber attacks, when news of these strikes breaks. Many security professionals are quick to attribute the user. The Web is a remarkably intricate system of systems. Individual computers are enigmatic these days it is tough even […]


Australia has been called out as the piracy capital in the world for a number of years, a claim that caught the interest of the local Government. After discussions between amusement and ISPs businesses produced no fruit, authorities required voluntary anti-piracy measures from Internet providers. The Government threatened to stiffen the law if that failed. […]

Cyberbullies Can Certainly Outwit Our Legal System

Hardly a week goes by without another narrative of cyberbullying and the crushing psychological damage inflicted on its innocent young sufferers, a bulk of whom are youth and preadolescence girls. The psychic trauma experienced by many sufferers is endured quietly, while the terrible results of a few of these strikes make headlines, and could continue […]

Becoming Hacked

In this instance, a network of computers that were infected were controlled to flood the City of Columbia’s web site. They obeyed orders absolutely, making the site inaccessible for all Christmas Day and the day after. Visitors were greeted with a message saying that users should assess their Internet connection and the site was taking […]

WebRTC Discovered Leaking Local IP Addresses

A protocol for internet communicating, a recently publicized hole in WebRTC, is showing the local IP addresses of users, even people who go to extra lengths with a virtual private network to conceal theirs. Roesler’s proof of concept demonstrates how sites make servers to STUN. STUN – servers, or Session Traversal Utilities for NAT – […]

Hong Kong lawmaker Regina Ip falls victim to HK$500,000 larceny

The New People’s Party chairwoman considers she let her guard to the scammers when she opened an attachment on an e-mail purportedly from MTR Corporation chairman Dr Raymond Chien Kuo-fung. “He wrote in the e-mail, ‘Regina, I want help. Pressing. “I believed a friend needed help , and so I opened the attachment at the […]

Spam emailers conceal their identities

Junk senders use spoofing either to conceal their actual e-mail addresses (so you can not add them to a spam-blocking list), or to trick you into clicking on an email link because it seems to have been sent by a buddy or a business that you trust. Spoofing is prevalent because it is simple; there […]

Save 70% on a very long time of VPN Unlimited: Remain safe and private online

You want to say farewell to all your on-line privacy stresses for life? VPN Unlimited offers a one-stop store for ensuring your on-line action, shielding your WiFi connection, and avoiding internet content limitations. At the moment, 70% can be saved by TechSpot subscribers on a very long time of VPN Unlimited. The Life Subscription price […]

The best way to conceal your online identity with a VPN service

On a fundamental level, a VPN is a subscription-based service that encrypts and encapsulates a user’s Internet data transmissions, transferring their internet action through a tunnel that is secured to be able to develop a safe environment for the user. This means that copyright trolling organizations, along with copyright holders tracking Torrent and other file […]

Nigerian Email Scams

Digital entrepreneurs say they frequently conceal or alter their IP addresses so funders and would-be foreign customers can not instantly identify that they are working from Nigeria. “Our standing is a serious issue,” says Bayode. Nigeria’s internet sector is booming, as evidenced by the hundreds of social networking specialists, entrepreneurs and technology business insiders which […]

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